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Performing Arts


Hi all - We are fundraising with Sarris to raise money for Westmoreland Performing Arts specifically a new floor and mirrors - our Spring appeal!

If you would like to help support our sale, you can go online to  Select the online ordering tab in the navigation bar or the Online Ordering banner to have access to all of the available products.  If you choose Order Now, it only shows you the Easter items.  If you want to see more items, view other products or use the navigation bar.

Enter our Group ID# which is 10-1805 enter name and select continue.  It's that easy!  Orders are due by April 2nd.

All fundraising will be one online so no collecting money or delivering of candy.  Orders ship directly to your home just in time for Easter!  Please share with friends and family that are out of the area.  All items are shipped directly to their home.

Additional information will be on the bulletin board at the studio with a QR code so you can order while waiting for your children.  WPA will receive 25% of total ordered.

Thank you for participating and sharing with your friends and family!  

Any questions, please reach out to me or Diane Petrazio.  (Thanks Diane!)

Also, if you have any other fundraising ideas, please feel free to suggest to me or Tony!  We need your help!

Thank you - JoAnne


'Westmoreland Night Of The Stars' gets encore with new producers!



About Us


We aspire to give students of all backgrounds and beliefs the skills to become independent, creative thinkers, critical problem solvers, and successful collaborators. To mentor, support, protect and encourage, a respectful and professional community, where each student's creative potential can be explored. We promote physical  and emotional well-being through performing arts classes and live performances that take place in a safe, accepting and non-judgmental environment.


Upcoming Productions

Click below to see what tickets are available for upcoming events.


At Westmoreland Performing Arts, we cover a full-range of courses across all levels of creativity and education. As an experienced Performing Arts School, we teach a variety of classes spanning the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of their field.


Latest Updates

To ensure we keep our students and community up-to-date, we’ve compiled our latest news coverage and announcements below. Check back often for the latest information, and get in touch with questions.



We rely on support from people like you to create sustainable change in the Greensburg area. The financial aid we receive makes a big difference in how we conduct our programs here at Westmoreland Performing Arts. However, if you prefer to donate your time and energy, we’d love to use your skills and talents in a capacity that helps the lives of our charity's recipients!


Contact Us

132 South Main Street, Greensburg PA 15601. 2nd Floor


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