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Shooting Stars Acting

Occurs On

11:30 - 12:00



About the Course

This class is offered for Kids ages 4—7 and is encouraged to be taken in conjunction with the Shooting Stars Showcase class. Acting and performance skills are explored as students may work on scenes from the same musical the Shooting Stars Showcase is learning, and/or create and share short plays using either a piece of children’s literature or by creating their own characters.
The Shooting Stars Acting Class is a great foundation for acting, theatre, and storytelling.
Students will lay the foundation of technique-based artistry through a progressive series of ensemble building games, improvisation, storytelling exercises, script analysis/story structure and scene work. Students will also learn the fundamentals of theatre and design including; costumes, props, set building, and lights.
Our exercises are designed to:
• Encourage spontaneity and play
• Create a supportive, playful ensemble
• Teach story structure
The class culminates in an open class to share their plays for friends and family. This class is on-going, and can be taken multiple times.

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