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Movement For Teen Actors

Occurs On

6:00 - 7:00



About the Course

All actors need to take some sort of movement class. An actor must use carefully chosen movements that clearly conveys the idea. The movement must portray the character, their personality, attitude, health, and age — the movement reveals it all. Your movement must adjust to the other onstage characters; always keeping in mind your relationship with them. When music is added the movement becomes more complex and an understanding of basic dance terms and techniques is invaluable. This option is for the teenager who wants to dance but is convinced it’s not their forte. This is the class will help the student appreciate the expressive potential and clarity of their dancing bodies and learn to understand the differences between the terms ‘technique’ and ‘style’ as regards to dance. This option will also address technical skills and their significance to body awareness, and the forms necessary for creative movement and performance of the art form. Students will be trained in beginner/intermediate skills of dance techniques such as learning the elements of dance, how to emote through movement, and most importantly the actor will be able to understand movement and the importance of strong motor skills. Students will be given the opportunity to create their own dance compositions with the advice of the instructor, and also engage in meaningful dialogue and critiquing from observing various Broadway choreographers.

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