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Acting 1/2

Occurs On

5:00 - 6:00



About the Course

Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this class. No previous training or experience is required.
Our Acting I/2 for Tweens (10-13 years old) class encourage spontaneity, simplicity and fun. This class teaches our specific approach to storytelling, and introduces students to the same tools that our adult professional actors work with. We believe that to act is to PLAY, and that students learn the most in an atmosphere of relaxed positive reinforcement.
We begin with ensemble building games, script analysis/story structure exercises, introduce monologue work, then begin scene study. Students will be given scripts and work with WPA acting tools. In our tween classes, students are asked to observe fellow classmates and give objective feedback based on what changed/what was different is crucial to the learning process and understanding of the WPA approach. These classes are on-going, and can be taken multiple times to work on different material and be introduced to more tools.

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